About Us

Fulkerson Kennedy & Company (FK&Co) is a premiere fundraising consulting firm in Washington, DC.  We specialize in raising funds from individuals, political action committees (PACs) and corporations. We work with political campaigns and committees, SuperPACs, non-profits, associations and companies, advising on fundraising development and strategy.

FK & Co in the News:

10/7/20 – Hickenlooper demolishes Colorado fundraising record with $22.6 million haul… read full article here

9/30/20 – MJ Hegar Nearly Doubles John Cornyn’s 3rd Quarter Fundraising… read full article here

1/28/20 – Senate Democrats’ super PAC raises record $61M in 2019… read full article here

4/10/19 – Peters breaks Michigan fundraising record with $1.9M in 1Q… read full article here

10/17/18 – Democratic candidates for Congress have raised a record-shattering $1 billion this election
“Democratic candidates running for Congress this year collectively raised more than $1 billion for their campaigns — a record-shattering sum that highlights the party’s zeal to retake the House and Senate and underscores the enormous amount of money flowing into the midterm races… read full article here