With over 30 years of combined fundraising experience, Fulkerson Kennedy & Company has the expertise to plan and execute a customized program for your needs. We work with federal political candidates, non-profit organizations, and associations to ensure they have the necessary resources for their goals.

We have extensive experience orchestrating the many components required to meet ambitious fundraising goals. Our team organizes national trips, including meetings and events, for high-profile candidates. We engage and activate nationwide connections to in order to build and expand our clients’ donor networks.

Additionally, we develop and execute a strategy that focuses on both political action committees (PACs) and individual donor outreach. We help our clients create “call time programs” that are efficient and strategic, using the candidate’s time for the highest return.  We work with the campaigns on hiring the staff, developing procedures, creating call lists and managing follow up. At FK&Co, it is our priority to find the most effective balance between travel, events, and call time for our clients in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of a candidate’s time and dollars raised.